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Aarn Little Llama 20



Our Rating:

At a glance
Pluses: Balanced and stable, lightweight.
Minuses: Sits high on the body, tight fit for those with broad shoulders.

635g / 20-litres

Features: Primarily a runner’s pack, it has shoulder straps that are connected to one another to allow them to move independently of the pack, creating impressive stability. There are two large front harness pockets supported with two chest straps to provide stability. There’s a suspended mesh back panel to promote airflow and underarm and front pole holders. Stretch mesh outer pockets provide space to stash gear or for drink bottles.

Fit: For a pack without an adjustable back length, it fits well, albeit a little higher on my back than I’m used to. Its stability is superb due to the body-hugging nature of the pack and the fact it does not move, no matter how
much bouncing around you do. 

Comfort: The large pockets on the shoulder straps allow weight to be more evenly distributed, and because it sits close to your body and doesn’t move, it’s a naturally comfortable pack. But I found the outer edge of the shoulder straps cut into my chest near my underarm – it’s just too flimsy – and this affected my carrying comfort. 

In use: The pack has a sturdy X-shaped aluminium frame that provides form to the pack, so no matter how much or little gear you are carrying it maintains its shape and doesn’t flop or swing around. The webbing connecting the shoulder straps runs through a sleeve at the base of the pack and is an effective method of stabilising the pack, which remains perfectly still while the straps extend or retract depending on your movement.

I carried my day trip essentials, but never more than the recommended weight of 8kg – once my load started to get close to this weight, the pack felt overly restrictive around my shoulders and I’d need to make constant adjustments to the straps to ensure optimal comfort. The placement of the underarm pole holders is perfect – a pole can be carried easily and comfortably on each side for quick access. 

Value: Reasonably-priced and with excellent features. 

Verdict: A runner’s pack that offers a balanced and stable set-up for carrying the essentials only.