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PLB with digital display offers ‘peace of mind’

The ResQLink View device has a digital screen to assure users the emergency signal has been sent.

User-friendly innovations, sourced from people who have used PLBs in survival situations feature on the latest ACR Electronics ResQLink Personal Locator Beacons: the ResQLink View ($679), and ResQLink 400 ($549).

Both beacons feature a protected activation button away from the test button, various wearable mounting options including a belt clip for quick emergency access and an antenna enclosure said to be easier-to-release. There’s also a new infra-red strobe light in addition to an ultra-bright strobe light to assist rescue crews using night vision goggles.

The View device has an added feature intended to offer peace of mind when the beacon is activated: an optical display which shows all the beacon’s operational activities, including GPS coordinates, operating instructions, usage tips, transmission bursts and battery power.

Feedback from those who have activated an ACR PLB has helped in the design of the new ResQLink 400 (left) and ResQLink View

The features found on the new PLBs were suggested by members of the ACR’s SurvivorClub free beacon replacement programme. The programme replaces beacons activated in a distress situation.

ACR’s vice president of global marketing, Mikele D’Arcangelo, said: “We are pleased to introduce the next generation of the ACR ResQLink PLBs to offer an affordable, yet technologically advanced, solution that will save more lives and aid the rescue services.

“We are also very proud to say that we have listened to the members of our SurvivorClub – ACR beacon owners who have been involved in real rescues – and used their experiences to improve the design and functionality of our ResQLink PLBs.”