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Letter from the Editor: Not yet missed out

Getting high - to the top of Mt. Aspiring, Photo: Grant Maslowski

FOMO; one of those irritating acronyms you see on Facebook. Like YOLO (You Only Live Once), LMAO (Laughing My Arse Off) and the utterly ridiculous ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse Off), you die a little every time you see it.

But FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – resonates with me at the moment. I’m leaving these shores later this year, which means the countdown is on.

No sooner had I booked the flight than my mind went into panic; all the trips I want to do and so little time! All the excursions I’ve been promising myself I’ll do ‘next weekend’ but have yet to materialise. All the experiences I’m loath to leave the country without.

Drawing up a life list here at WBC (Wilderness Base Camp) was more than good fun – it was therapy. It allowed us to put our outdoor goals into a coherent list of 21 great experiences to tackle one-by-one. It’s a list every lover of the outdoors can carry with them to ensure they’re living the dream.

Take a look at the list starting on page 36 to see how many you’ve ticked off already, and which you’ll be pencilling in for the Easter holiday.

Oh, BTW (By The Way), our Outdoor Awards and Photo Comp are now in full swing for 2016. The Outdoor Awards have the new categories of Young Outdoor Person of the Year and Hut of the Year, to go with awards for your Outdoor Hero and the best stores and brands. You can nominate those you feel most deserve the accolades at

GTG (Got To Go) – have a great February, wherever you’re heading