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Kathmandu Pegasus Hybrid

Kathmandu Pegasus Hybrid, $399.98

Used by: Cold-sleeping former deputy editor George Driver
Used for: Three years
Cost: $399.98

I bought the Pegasus when I was looking for a bag that was inexpensive, light and compact but warm enough for most tramping trips. There’s a combination of down in the top side of the bag and synthetic insuLITE fill in the base, which makes it much cheaper than a 100 per cent down bag. Despite the synthetic fill, it is compact and weighs just 1050g with a comfort temperature rating of 3°C. It has a relatively roomy mummy-cut with a hood with a drawcord for colder nights and extra zips at the foot of the bag for ventilation.

While it’s fine during summer and for low altitude tramping, on colder nights – camping in Tongariro National Park in October or a hard frost at Brewster Hut in Mt Aspiring – I’ve regretted not buying a warmer bag. It feels like there’s simply not enough fill and when it’s frosty I can feel the cold creeping in.

To be fair, it is advertised for moderate climates and its temperature rating is accurate. If I’m heading on a trip that’s likely to be colder I now take a thermal liner, but this adds weight and bulk to my pack. If I was to buy again, I’d get something with a much warmer rating.

Verdict: The Pegasus is compact, lightweight and affordable, but those who like camping at altitude or during winter will want something warmer.