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Expert tips for safe winter trips

The crew at Further Faster offer their tips for essential gear and skills needed to make winter tramping safer and greater fun.

Snowshoes make travel easier

“I like snowshoes with a heel lift. It makes the hills easier,” says Ant. “Because New Zealand conditions can be pretty icy, choose a pair with teeth to get a better grip.” (Featured image)


Pack, and know how to use, an avalanche transceiver

“Practise. Practise lots!” says Lana. “And don’t forget to check your transceiver at the trailhead before setting off with your mates.”


Tackle a course 

“Make an effort to continue to learn,” says Chelle. “You are never too experienced to learn more about backcountry travel and snow safety.”


Carry walking poles and axes

“Longer, less technical walking axes combine well with a walking pole for travel on uneven or icy terrain,” says Bob. “If you haven’t used an ice axe before, it’s a good idea to get some qualified instruction and practise in before you need them.”


Micro-spikes for just-in-case

“They are so small, so easy to carry even when you are unsure if there will be snow or ice when you get up high,” says Nat. “They also work great in mud.”


Fit your crampons at home

“Make sure your crampons are the right type for your boots,” says Matteo. “And get used to fitting them at home before you need to use them on the side of a mountain.”