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Ask Steve: sleeping bag water resistance

Wilderness gear repair expert Steve Haase answers your questions

Q: I have a Fairydown Kosciusko V tube sleeping bag. It’s in excellent condition but it does not have a water resistant outer. How can I give it some water resistance? If so will it affect the breathability or increase the weight?

– Margaret Horne

A: You can spray the outer fabric of your sleeping bag with Grangers Fabsil. It is a universal silicon re-proofer that works on most fabrics. It will not affect the breathability or the weight of the fabric. One thing to be aware of is that it will not make the fabric waterproof. All it does is apply a thin coating so that when moisture lands on the bag it will bead up and roll off rather than soaking into the fabric.

– Steve Haase runs Christchurch-based gear repair company TwinNeedle Outdoor Equipment Repairs


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