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Adventure Scroggin

Photo: Kat Pickford

Here’s a high energy alternative to the store-bought trail mix.

Trail mix can be stingy with its chocolate-to-nut ratio, so why not treat yourself to this luxe scroggin, featuring not one but two types of Whittaker’s chocolate. I like to use the deluxe nut mix for variety and quality and the addition of dried cranberries adds a mouthwatering bite. But really, the ingredients list is a guide only – if you like banana chips, white chocolate, dried raspberries, pretzels or anything else in your scroggin, go for it. The key is to nail that sweet and salty ratio.

Prep time: 5min
Cook time: 30min
Serves: Two
Cost: $10

1 cup raw and unsalted deluxe mixed nuts
¼ cup sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
½ cup cranberries and sultanas
8 squares of Whittaker’s 72% dark Ghana chocolate
8 squares of Whittaker’s creamy milk chocolate
Generous pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 125℃ and spread nuts and seeds on an oven tray.

Pop nuts in the oven, and check and stir after 20min. Don’t be tempted to crank up the oven – nuts and seeds can burn quickly and the lower heat helps preserve some of their nutritional value. (I cook mine for about 30min, but cook longer if you prefer a toastier version.)

While the nuts are cooking, roughly chop the chocolate. On removing nuts from the oven, add a good pinch of salt and stir. Let the nuts cool for 30min before stirring in the chocolate and dried fruit. The nuts will still carry enough heat to melt the chocolate a little and bind the ingredients together, creating little clusters of crunchy, chocolatey goodness.

When it’s completely cooled, check the balance of flavours adding more salt if preferred. Pop in a paper or snaplock bag and enjoy a well earned treat out on the trail.