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Top five field repairs

MacGyver-ise your pack by preparing for the most common field repairs. By Steve Hasse
Most repairs can be made in the field using one or more of the solutions below. Needle and thread: A curved needle with dental floss or heavy duty thread can be used for anything from repairing ripped canvas to emergency first aid. Cable ties Cable tie With a million and one uses, these are a tramper’s equivalent to number 8 wire. Use them to hold together a split pole, secure broken buckles, or secure torn pack shoulder pads. PE (polyethylene) repair tape PE tape patch Duct tape’s better looking and stronger sibling can be used to patch almost anything, including your raincoat. Keep a small amount wrapped round your walking pole or ice axe handle. Zip sliders zipper If a zip comes undone behind the slider, gently squeeze the two halves of the slider back together with a pair of pliers. Split buckles buckle Keep a couple of spares in your kit, they’re always handy. No need to sew in a new buckle, just remove the broken one and thread on a new one. - Steve Hasse runs Christchurch-based gear repair company TwinNeedle Outdoor Equipment Repairs