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Fix your aluminium tent poles

Slide the small repair pole over the broken section and tape it. Photo: File

Whether they are Easton, Yunan, DAC or something else, a spilt or broken section can cause a mini disaster.

Replacing a broken pole section in the field can be tricky even if you have a spare section with you. Most tent manufacturers supply a small pole repair sleeve that you slide over the broken section and tape. Most tape will do the job, but the best is a strong PE repair tape.

Making a splint using a stick or something similar over the damaged section can also work.

Pole care and use tips

  • Never flick out your poles – it’s fun but it can damage the pole ends which may weaken them and cause them to split
  • When folding your poles up start from the centre and work towards the ends – this keeps the elastic nice and even
  • If camping near salt water, flush the poles with fresh water on your return home. Giving them a light going over with a silicon spray is also a good idea
  • Before each trip inspect the poles and elastic for any damage