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Winter gear checklist

Before heading out on a winter trip, do a gear checklist. Photo: Mitchell Everly

In winter, gear that protects and helps you in the elements becomes that little bit more important. Go through this checklist before your next winter tramp.

Waterproof clothing: Check your zips and give the jacket and pants a wash and reproof. Get any rips patched and sealed. Check the seamsealing is still sound.

Sleeping bag: If your down bag is feeling a bit clumpy and there seem to be some light spots in the down fill, get your bag washed and if needed give it a downfill boost. Check the zips.

Tent: Check the fly and floor for any holes and get them fixed. Check your poles for any cracks. Make sure you have a full complement of guy ropes and pegs. Check the door zips.

Cookers: Burn test them and make sure everything works as it should. Check your fuel supplies.

Ice axe and crampons: Check for metal fatigue and rust. Sharpen if needed.

Helmet, avalanche probe, snow shovel: Check they are in good working order and know how to use them.

Emergency kit: Do you even have one?

GPS and PLB: Check batteries and general working condition. Have you registered your PLB?

Pack: Check all the buckles and load bearing attachments.