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WildernessWord, December 2011


  1. Maori name for NZ lancewood tree (7)
  2. Atmospheric layer that acts as environmental screen for ultraviolet radiation (5)
  3. Iridescent internal layer of oyster (5)
  4. Tract of low marshy land near estuary that is exposed at low tide (7)
  5. Reduced pace during tramp (5,2)
  6. Potential health hazard when scuba diving (5)
  7. These can be used as navigational aids (5)
  8. Sort of clothing to keep you warm in chilly outdoor conditions (7)
  9. Tramper with long experience, eg (7)
  10. Preliminary plan for wilderness expedition (5)
  11. Irritation inside tramping boot, maybe (5)
  12. Parachute essential when skydiving (7)


  1. Deep navigable passages in sea (8)
  2. Walking routes in bush (6)
  3. Deep narrow wooded valley of stream (4)
  4. Thaw out in front of campfire (4,2)
  5. This describes river or stream that can be crossed on foot (8)
  6. This can cause hay fever in outdoors (6)
  7. Fissure in earth’s crust through which hot gases can escape (4)
  8. Unpopulated – true wilderness is this (8)
  9. Being alone – wilderness can give you this (8)
  10. Lively exertion that is part of outdoor lifestyle (6)
  11. Vast flat treeless Arctic wilderness region (6)
  12. Expanse of level grassland (6)
  13. Sleeveless garment handy for outdoor activities (4)
  14. Quick swims in lakes or streams to freshen up (4)

Hidden Solution: Dark North Island wilderness place (7,5)

November’s hidden solution:  Hypothermia

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