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Round the Mountain swingbridge closed

The Whangaehu Swingbridge
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A swingbridge on the Round the Mountain Track is closed for repairs and won’t reopen until March 2018 at the earliest.

Whangaehu swingbridge is approximately 3km south of the Tukino ski field access road, on the eastern flanks of Mt Ruapehu.

Damage to both main cables on the swingbridge has been identified and until replacement cables can be fitted, the bridge is closed for all pedestrian access. River crossing access will be marked on the most practical point of the river. However, hikers are advised to be careful of loose rocks in the river channel and to not attempt crossing in flood conditions.

Damaged cable on Whangaehu Swingbridge

“The alternative river crossing is marked with track markers and is around 50m from the bridge,” said senior community ranger Stacey Faire. “In normal flows it’s not really a river crossing, just hop across the boulders.”

DOC stressed that any river crossing should be carefully evaluated and whenever possible, crossed as a group. Hikers are also reminded not to linger in the area as the river is the natural lahar path from Ruapehu’s Crater Lake.

DOC is working through the tender process with contractors. Until this has happened, a firm date for the bridge’s reopening cannot be given.