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Macpac Overland 400



Our Rating:

At a glance
Plusses: Price, temperature rating.
Minuses: Weight, comparatively low-quality fill.

Weight: 1080g

Features: An entry-level down bag with a water-resistant shell and hydrophobic 650-loft duck down, full-length zip with draft tube, draft collar, drawcord hood and 470g of Responsible Down Standard-certified duck down. EN13537 rated to -1°C (comfort), -7°C (limit), -24°C (extreme).

Fit: A mummy-shaped bag with a gentle taper that provides an unrestricted night’s sleep. With one drawcord, the hood is not overly adjustable or tight-fitting.

Comfort: Soft and plush, but slightly tight around the chest and hips. I found it sometimes moved with me when I rolled over and once woke to find the hood on top of me rather than beneath.

In use: Because the bag is a bit tighter, it has less dead space and warms up quickly. When pulled tight, the hood immediately traps heat and I noticed instant warming. But even drawn tight, the hood opening is quite large and leaves most of the face exposed. The hood easily accommodates an inflatable pillow for extra comfort. I found this also helped eliminate bag roll.

The bag compresses to a small package inside its waterproof stuff sack, but because it uses the lesser-quality duck down fill, more insulation is required to achieve the temperature rating and this results in a heavier and bulkier bag. The near full-length two-way side zipper works smoothly and provides good venting options on warmer nights. The zips flowed easily in large part due to a stiff nylon webbing that keeps the bag fabric away from the zipper’s teeth.

Value: This appears to be a hard-wearing bag and with the advertised temperature rating should be good for all year use.

Verdict: This is a good option for those wanting a budget cooler-weather bag. Its weight makes it less competitive than the other bags reviewed, but it’s ideal for those just starting out and who want a year-round bag.

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