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Kathmandu Fyfe NGX



Our Rating:

These boots were comfortable from the moment I put them on and stayed so throughout the tough off-track tramp I subjected them to.

I found they had a good positive grip in moderately steep country. They are robust and appear to be well made, with a high rubber rand to protect against scuffing and good positive lace-up eyelets, which are firm and a little hard to flick the laces into when lacing up. They weigh a reasonable 1600g.

I liked the breathable ortholite insole, which is also moisture-resistant and makes for a comfortable footbed. But because it is quite soft I found it hard to replace after removing to allow the inner to dry – something I do after each trip and even on multiday tramps. I believe that with regular removal, the footbed will deform so much that it will be hard to replace.

The toe is rounded which I found a little hard to get used to after wearing boots with a more pointed toe, especially when rock scrambling up a steep slope.

The Fyfe has a sturdy appearance and a moderately hard Vibram sole that will provide excellent wear on tracks with some off-track use. The sole is reasonably soft, though the manufacturers claim it is crampon compatible (something I was unable to try out) and will operate well in most conditions. But I feel it is too soft for use anywhere too steep and rough.

Overall a great boot with excellent comfort, but at this price I think I would be looking for something a bit sturdier for pass hopping and trans-alpine trips in the Southern Alps.