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New year, new you?

We all know what New Year fitness and health resolutions are like. You get a few weeks into the year and those resolutions start to fade as the excesses of the holidays become a distant memory. It’s also harder to commit to your goals if you’re on your own, with no one offering encouragement.

But, what if there was a health and fitness resolution you could make alongside hundreds – nay, thousands – of others? One that would help you build up a habit of walking at least 3.3km (40-minutes) every day for at least 12 months but perhaps for the rest of your life. 

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

That’s exactly what the Wilderness Walk1200km challenge is doing – helping people become more active. Just turn to page 18 to see real-life examples of how the challenge is making a positive change in participants’ lives. The beauty of the challenge is that while it’s something you do on your own and in your own time, there’s a big group of people in the Walk1200km Facebook Group walking alongside you, willing you on with encouragement not give up.  

I started the challenge on September 27 and have walked 296km in 11 weeks. That’s about 240km more than I purposefully walked in the same period last year. I’m just one-fifth of the way through the challenge, but I’m already experiencing a big improvement in my fitness and walking has become a daily habit for me again –  I wake up early and head out the door, rain or shine.

Hundreds have joined me in walking much more than normal. In the process, they’re not just getting fitter and healthier, they’re getting smarter, more creative, sleeping better and being less stressed – all proven benefits of regular walking, which makes it the ultimate form of exercise. 

So, when it’s time to make your 2022 New Year Resolutions, don’t overcomplicate it. Stick to something simple and achievable, but something that will still challenge you. 

In other words, Walk1200km. Do that, and not only will you be doing something great for your body and mind, but you’ll be setting yourself up to achieve other goals you may have. Take the first step by registering here.

Happy New Year everyone.