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Kiwi distributor commits to sustainable future

New Zealand gear distributor Outfitters is aiming to become carbon neutral.

The move follows a commitment from two of its top imported brands, Rab and Lowe Alpine, to be carbon neutral and net zero by 2030, meaning they will reduce carbon emissions and balance any remaining emissions through carbon credits. Achieving net zero means the company will not release more non-avoidable Greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than it neutralises with actual carbon removal.

Outfitters owner Neil Stichbury said environmental initiatives should continue all the way through the supply chain, from production to delivery.

“We’re starting on a long journey of doing all we can to be net zero by 2030,” he said.

“If any brand goes carbon neutral or is aiming for net zero, and local distributors aren’t doing the same, it’s largely a pointless exercise and you’re just relying on somebody else’s efforts,” he said.

Outfitters is in the process of changing to a 100 per cent renewable and carbon neutral power supplier, and any replacement vehicles will be hybrids.

It has already changed to compostable courier bags and removed as much plastic as possible from the supply chain.