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Backcountry bliss balls

Photo;Mark Banham

Backcountry bliss balls

Sometimes the only thing harder than figuring out what you’re going to eat in the backcountry is working out what to do with all the stuff you bring back. Over-catering makes sense, but that means you end up with bags full of dried fruit and nuts – here’s what to do with them.

Serves: Snack for four
Weight: 500g
Volume: 500ml
Kilojoules: 1520
Cost: $8.50
Time: 40min

2 cups dried fruit
1 cup almond meal
½ cup puffed millet (or puffed rice)
½ cup finely chopped cashews
3tbsp tahini
3tbsp lemon juice
1tbsp manuka honey
½ cup sesame seeds

Soak the dried fruit (I use dates, apricots and mangoes) in a bowl with the lemon juice and a dash of boiling water for about half an hour, then add all the ingredients except the honey and tahini into a food processor and blend thoroughly.

Add just enough honey and tahini to achieve a soft doughy consistency, then roll into bite-sized balls and coat with sesame seeds.