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A world-class carry system

Lowe Alpine has been perfecting its world-class carry system since 1967.

Lowe Alpine has been perfecting its world-class carry system since 1967. Wilderness discovers the story behind the brand.

The Lowe Alpine brand was born from the hearts and minds of one of the greatest climbing families on earth.

Greg, Mike and Jeff Lowe were raised on the move, spending their childhood climbing, skiing, hunting and hiking. By their twenties, the Lowe brothers were the leading climbers of their generation, but they hit a wall: the external-frame backpacks available to them at the time were too heavy and unstable to progress further in the mountains. They realised that they needed a new kind of pack that could carry gear more securely, whilst letting them move more freely on demanding terrain.

In 1967, Greg Lowe designed, tested and launched the Expedition pack from Lowe Alpine Systems, a revolutionary backpack that gave climbers more freedom of movement in the mountains. It would revolutionise backpack design as the first internal-frame pack. It also had compression straps and other never-before-seen features. This pack changed the outdoor industry forever, becoming the blueprint from which all modern, technical backpacks are derived.

Unthinkable without them today, the first plastic buckles on rucksacks did not appear until the turn of the 1980s – and it was on Lowe Alpine packs where they made their clicky, quick-release debut. This seemingly small innovation made a huge difference to the speed at which packs could be opened and secured.

Today, Lowe Alpine continues to innovate and develop. Lowe Alpine packs are designed to excel in motion, whether pushing the limit in the mountains, multi-day tramping or racking up the air miles. From pivoting hip belts to bespoke female-specific fit, every element of the company’s pack design  process answers one simple question: will it improve your life on the move?

Lowe Alpine carry systems are designed to move with you; precise, considered ergonomics inform fit, and unique features that promote freedom of movement are built into the designs to further improve carrying comfort. The brand has an insatiable desire for progress, for building better packs that help people to push the boundaries of what is possible.

There is also an unwavering commitment to building durable packs that won’t let users down. High-quality components and robust manufacturing techniques are used to ensure a Lowe Alpine pack can be relied upon trip after trip, year after year.

Since 2020, Lowe Alpine, owned by UK-based Equip Outdoor Technologies (also the owners of Rab), has been carbon neutral and on a path towards net zero by 2030. Fully 98 per cent of the fabrics used in Lowe Alpine packs is fluorocarbon-free and 34 per cent of fabrics contain recycled materials.

Outfitters, the NZ distributor for Lowe Alpine and Rab, is also on a pathway to becoming carbon neutral and net zero by 2030.

In New Zealand, Lowe Alpine is available through the leading, independently-owned and specialist outdoor and hunting stores where customers can receive quality advice and local experience to ensure they purchase the right product for their needs.

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