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WildernessWord, September 2020

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Email your answer, name and address, by September 20, to: All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Scotchgard Water and Sun Shields.

1. ____ River – large NZ river flowing through Marlborough (7)
9. What soil and rock do due to action of wind and water (5)
10. Tarns are small mountain ones (5)
11. Black-faced cuckoo-_____ – Australian birds sometimes seen in NZ (7)
12. Body secretes this hormone in response to stress of 24 Across activities (9)
14. Quick swim in stream to freshen up (3)
16. ___ up camp – establish base for night (3)
18. Stumbles on tree root and falls (5,4)
21. Sets out on wilderness adventure (7)
22. Steep high rock face (5)
23. Primal sky father in Maori mythology (5)
24. This might describe some very challenging outdoor activities (7)

1. ____ ____ Crossing – alpine route through Mt Cook Range between Hooker and Tasman Valleys (4,4)
2. Tramper of gentle tracks, maybe? (6)
3. Nature’s plant pollinators (4)
4. Introduced mustelid animal that is pest in NZ (6)
5. Get your _____ – figure out where you are in wilderness (8)
6. Reserved sleeping spot in DOC hut, eg (6)
7. Your ones might ache at end of hard day’s tramp (4)
13. Another name for NZ takahē (8)
15. Removed contaminants from water to make it safe to drink (8)
17. Floating down river on inflated tyre inner (6)
19. Gaiters are secured with _____ straps (6)
20. Rock marked with streaks of minerals is said to be this (6)
21. Parts of body that may be frostbitten if not protected (4)
22. Large settlement far removed from wilderness (4)

August’s hidden solution: Lake Coleridge
Hidden Solution: NZ tree you might see growing (8,4)

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