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WildernessWord, March 2011

Crossword by Pam Hutton


  1. Wide ____ _____ – natural undeveloped wilderness (4,5)
  2. Rock that is mineral aggregate (3)
  3. Leggings that provide cover from knee to ankle used by trampers (7)
  4. Strenuous outdoor adventures can push you to the _____ (5)
  5. Part of triathlon (3)
  6. Types of fungi that discharge cloud of spores when ripe (9)
  7. Sign of civilisation not seen in depths of true wilderness (5,4)
  8. Take to snow slopes (3)
  9. Long narrow hilltop (5)
  10. Tire out completely – long hard tramp can do this to you (7)
  11. Evergreen coniferous tree (3)
  12. These are triangular and rigged fore-and-aft on boat (9)


  1. Wilderness type of toilet (4,4)
  2. Particular geographical area (6)
  3. Compact group of mountains (6)
  4. Small wooded hollow (4)
  5. Handgrip that is part of horse’s saddle (6)
  6. Foldaway outdoor shelter (4)
  7. Having more precipitous gradient (7)
  8. Trees found in Nelson Lakes National Park (7)
  9. Nervous or flighty – like wild animals (8)
  10. Waterproof boots worn by people fishing for trout (6)
  11. Frozen covering over large polar area (6)
  12. Person confined to indoors who cannot enjoy wilderness (4-2)
  13. White water travel method! (4)
  14. Beginners usually start on this sort of tramp (4)

Hidden Solution: Lofty part of landscape (8,5)

February’s hidden solution: Wild flowers

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