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Wilderness in the era of Covid-19

Dear reader,

When the world is facing a crisis, it can seem completely frivolous and out of touch to be talking about tramping, the latest outdoor gear and which trips you should be adding to your bucket list.

I truly understand that. But I also remember Wilderness‘ mission – it’s one we’ve had for the entire 29 years the magazine has been published: to help every New Zealander ‘see more, do more, live more‘.

We don’t intend to abandon our mission now, which is why we have produced our April issue as scheduled and we’re now working on the May issue.

That’s not to say it’s business as usual – for one thing, one of our staff will soon be returning from overseas and going into self-isolation – but you can expect to receive your magazine, see us sharing stories on social media and sending out our various newsletters.

For our subscribers – and please know however much we appreciated and valued your support of Wilderness in the past, that appreciation has now hit new levels – I hope our April issue will bring you much-needed respite, help you relax and provide a break from the daily news cycle.

Not everyone who reads Wilderness is a subscriber, which is why we are offering a free 30-day website subscription to anyone who feels the need to escape for a wee while into a ‘virtual’ outdoors. If you know anyone in self-isolation, or who is feeling nervous and unsettled by current events and who might benefit from a chance to find some respite, please share this email with them. You can click here to get the free website subscription.

We know from the experience of other nations that the virus can be contained. Things will eventually return to normal. In the meantime, please keep as safe as possible and keep Wilderness by your side as a practical and emotional reminder of the wonderful places waiting outdoors in New Zealand.

Alistair Hall