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Website puts huts in the bag

Jamie Connor created the Hut Bagger NZ website to keep track of huts he’s visited. Photo: Supplied

If you’re losing track of the huts you’ve visited, Hut Bagger NZ has got you covered.

The online resource allows trampers to comprehensively record the huts they’ve stopped at on their tramping adventures.

Auckland website developer Jamie Connor started the site as a memory aid in 2013.

“I try to go to different huts each time I go hiking, but I sometimes lose track and think, ‘have I been there?’”

The initial list of huts was provided by DOC, but users have taken it upon themselves to add huts and update the database with photos, information and history.

“A couple of members, in particular, are religious about adding information and keeping it all in order,” Connor said.

To get the word out, Connor left notes in hut books, and to his surprise, the huts he visited experienced a ‘bagging’ surge online, suggesting new users were finding his notes and registering.

The website allows communication between users, and provides something of a who’s who of Kiwi tramping, Connor said.

“It’s good to recognise some of the more prominent trampers in New Zealand. Some of them have bagged more than 700 huts, and once you notice them, you start seeing their names a lot in hut books.”

Connor hopes to one day provide booking options for huts via the DOC website.