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Montane Endurance Pro GTX



Our Rating:

Montane’s Endurance Pro is the lightest gaiter reviewed by nearly 100g and will suit the ‘every gram counts’ brigade, from runners to speed alpinists.

The gaiter consists of a stretchy Gore-Tex Pro 70 denier upper reinforced with slightly thicker nylon around the ankles. Both fabrics feel and fit much like soft-shell pants, and provide similar levels of breathability. The soft, stretchy fabric stays up surprisingly well, thanks in part to a well-designed top cinch cord which can be tightened with a single, gloved hand.

The gaiter features an original asymmetrical design, with an off-centre hook and loop closure designed to minimise rub and the risk of snagging with crampons.

If you are looking for a hard-wearing gaiter, the Endurance – ironically enough – is not the choice for you. The outer was showing signs of wear after a couple of days on muddy tracks, and the PU-coated nylon instep straps are sewn into the gaiter, so once they go, the gaiter is as good as done for. This is a critical shortcoming.

This gaiter is better suited to light use by on-track trampers, but not having replaceable straps means its life is limited.

In summary:

The Good: Very light and breathable, comfortable, snug fit.

The Bad: Not very durable, non-replaceable instep straps.

Verdict: The Endurance Pro is a good option for those who are looking for a lightweight gaiter for light use, but the non-replaceable instep strap means the gaiter is only as good as the strap. 

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