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Lowa Renegade GTX WXL



Our Rating:

Lowa has a solid reputation for designing and making good quality boots that go the distance, and the Renegade model continues that tradition. Pitched as being capable of on- and off-trail use, it seems well aimed at the right part of the market.

This super lightweight boot (1110g, w: 890g) is promoted as Lowa’s most popular and most award-winning boot and has good support for the foot throughout the cut of the boot. Lowa also advertises that this model should be comfortable ‘straight out of the box’, with no break-in period required. The last is certainly roomy and comfortable with no pressure points, or ‘hot spots’.

The nubuck leather upper has a fair amount of layering and stitching, and comes with a Gore-Tex liner. I am a fan of boot rands, but this model doesn’t have one, which could mean the wear and tear on it will show sooner and be higher.

The boot’s sole is what I would consider a mid-grade Vibram, grippy enough for extended trail use, and the depth of lugs okay for muddy off-trail and mossy rocks.

There’s moderate flex, which I imagine will soften considerably with use. This means it will be comfortable to walk in, but not particularly stable across awkward terrain. How heavy your pack is will also vary the boot’s performance in more tricky terrain.

Fit wise, I would consider this model particularly wide in the forefoot and also in the heel. The ankle is supportive, and moderately cut to allow good movement and there is nothing fancy with the eyelets – a good thing! This all allows for reasonable movement over a range of surfaces and a comfortable boot that’s easy to lace up.

Overall, the Renegade is a dependable three-season boot, but one I would recommend for on-trail rather than off-trail use.