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People tramping

Walking towards the camera with a bright jacket - perfect! Photo:
Candid moments are best for photos of your tramping partners.


Be ready

The key to getting a good shot of someone tramping is being ready to capture those candid moments. This means having your camera easily accessible to capture the moment without stopping.

Frame the background

Rather than  capture a close-up of a person hiking, you should also include some of the landscape around them. That will give a sense of place and tell the story of where you are tramping.

Capture some movement

Great shots of people in the outdoors depends on framing and positioning. You will likely want to get ahead of the person you are photographing and capture them coming towards you. This allows you to see them in action and makes it look as if they are walking into the picture, not out of it.

Add some colour

A brightly coloured jacket will always add to any photo of someone in the outdoors. It will help pick them out as the subject of the photograph. A colour which contrasts to the background is best, otherwise the person may blend into their surroundings.