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Outward Bound’s Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan, Outward Bound New Zealand’s course design manager

Meg Ryan, 29, is Outward Bound New Zealand’s course design manager. “I love that in my job I am able to combine my passion for thinking about how things work with my affinity for the outdoors and translate these experiences to create personal development opportunities for Kiwis. I live with my friends, who are also my colleagues, who are also my adventure buddies and partners in crime.”

Here’s what she packs.

I find the Macpac Pursuit 40 a great size pack that suits my many different types of adventure. The outer is durable and has minimal unnecessary bells and whistles.

I carry a lightweight 8x4m fly from Twin Needle because it can be pitched in so many different ways. I can pitch it like a tent without restricting it from sheltering a whole lot of people. It’s made from what seems to be pretty good ripstop material. I have used it all year and enjoy the versatility of it.

Sleeping bag
I carry a super-light synthetic sleeping bag and a silk liner. I tend to sleep pretty warmly so this gets me through most of the year. I always put these in a dry bag just in case my pack liner malfunctions.

Sleeping mat
My Therm-A-Rest Neoair XTherm is light, packs down to a tiny size, is well insulated and doesn’t make too much noise for an inflatable mat.

I am tough on gear and I have found my rechargeable Ledlenser headlamp hard to break. It’s robust around water environments, good enough when trooping around at night and has a red light which I have found particularly useful while out at sea.

First aid kit
All the usual items plus strong painkillers, electrolytes, strapping tape, duct tape and batteries, absorbent dressing, lube and sunscreen.

I use a homemade meths stove, which has proven to be a light and inexpensive system that allows for a warm meal at night and a cheeky wee brew in the mornings. It took a little while to get a good system working for size and weight but this is perfect for a one person set up.

I’m all about the layered onion approach to dressing in the outdoors, particularly when moving fast and light. I carry an Arc’teryx waterproof and insulating layer.

My Earth Sea Sky hooded zip-up base layer is the best top I have ever owned – It gives options during the day and is great to sleep in. I use Macpac fleece tights and Tinelli Tri Shorts. These items are a great combo in most conditions. During cooler weather, I add a fleece t-shirt and I always take a spare polypro top.