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Navigation aids

Mapping software, compasses and a charging device to ensure you stay on track

Featured image: Hand-crank USB Charger $19.50
Recharge your devices with a hand emergency charger. Can recharge a small mobile phone power pack. USB port rated at 5 volt 600mA it will charge most smaller phones – larger phones and tablets require higher current so test-charge before setting off (full refund if it doesn’t work with your device).

Suunto Clipper L/B NH Compass $29.90
Liquid filled jewel bearing, luminescent markings, direction on rotating bezel in 10-degree increments. Clips to watch strap, sleeve, backpack strap, side of map. 5g.


MapToaster Mobile from $189
Detailed topo maps for Garmin outdoor GPS units. Includes tracks, huts, roads, rivers, land cover, contours, DOC Estate boundaries and Scenic Reserves. Comes with MapToaster Topo/NZ desktop software.

Silva Ranger S $79.99
Featuring a liquid-filled capsule and luminous needle balanced for NZ, 1:50k and 1:25k scales and ruler, soft grip bezel, Silva 1-2-3 system for staying on route, magnifying lens, capsule markings to help calculate magnetic declination, sighting mirror, lanyard with 1:25k and 1:50k scales to measure distance on a map. 58g.

Silva Field $49.99
Featuring a liquid-filled capsule balanced for NZ, base plate map-measuring in mm and scales of 1:50k and 1:25k compatible with most maps, soft grip bezel, Silva 1-2-3 system for staying on route easy, capsule markings to help calculate magnetic declination. 28g.

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