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Mushroom and pea risotto

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A dead simple risotto that’s full of flavour.

This is a simple, tasty and lightweight meal. All the food is nonperishable so can be used on the last night of your tramp once the fresh food has run out. If conditions are agreeable, you may be able to forage for some fresh mushrooms but ensure you know what you are consuming, we don’t want any trippy surprises.

Prep time: 5min
Cook time: 15min
Serves: Two
Costs: $12

1 x 200g pack Diamond Mushroom Rice Risotto
50g of dried mushroom mix
50g of dried peas
Grated parmesan
A knob of butter

Follow the recipe on the back of the risotto pack, just swap the oil for half your butter to fry the rice. When the water and flavour sachet goes into the rice, add 50g of peas and 50g of mushrooms. Depending on the mushroom mix, you may wish to chop them into smaller pieces prior to popping in the risotto.

Add an extra half cup of water to allow for the rehydration of the mushrooms and peas.

Finish cooking the risotto according to instructions and prior to serving add a knob of butter, parmesan and give one final stir.

When taste-testing this on friends I found adults preferred this without peas as it was a stronger mushroom flavour, however, kids seem to enjoy the added sweetness of the peas.

– Carla Edlin