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How to clean your boots

Use the manufacturer’s recommended product – at least while the boot is still under warranty. Photo: Supplied
Give your boots some TLC and you’ll get years of use of them

1. After use, loosen off the laces and remove the insole. Air dry. If the boots are soaking wet, stuff newspaper inside the boots and change the paper after a day.

2. Do not attempt to dry the boots quickly by putting in front of a fire or other heat source. The boots will defiantly dry quicker but you will ruin the leather quick smart.

3. If your boots are muddy, wipe of as much mud and grime as you can with a cloth and warm water. If you need to use a cleaner, opt for one the manufacture recommends.

4. The lukewarm water will open the pores of the leather a bit and this is the best time to apply a conditioner. Again, follow the manufacturer’s advice and use their recommended conditioner. If the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a specific product, use the conditioner made by either Grangers or Nikwax.

5. Once your boots are dry and clean, store in a dry, well-aired place.

Tip: Don’t use beeswax, animal fats and petroleum oils on your boots as these can react with adhesives and delaminate the boot’s rand