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Great facts

The Great Walks by the numbers


The total ascent on the Heaphy Track


The maintenance costs on the Tongariro Northern Circuit, the lowest of the Great Walks


The proportion of international walkers on the Kepler Track, the most international Great Walk


The highest point of all the Great Walks. It’s found at Red Crater on Tongariro Northern Circuit


Length of the Pike29 Memorial Track – the longest ‘side trip’ on any Great Walk


Annual revenue from the Abel Tasman Coast Track, the highest earner of the Great Walks


Cost of walking the Milford Track, including busses and ferries, for an international visitor. Tourists are charged double for bunks, which means the same trip for a New Zealander would be $454.


The cost of walking the Tongariro Northern Circuit for a New Zealander staying at the campsites

145km vs 32km

Length of the Whanganui River Journey and Rakiura Track – the longest and shortest Great Walks


The proportion of New Zealanders on the Lake Waikaremoana Track, the most‘Kiwi’ Great Walk


The annual maintenance cost for the Abel Tasman Coast Track, the highest of the Great Walks


Number of South Island brown kiwi on Stewart Island – you’ll never get a better chance to see one in the wild  


The annual revenue from the Rakiura Track, the lowest earner of the Great Walks