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Expert tips for a better night’s sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep in a busy hut or in a cramped tent can be difficult. Here’s what the crew at Further Faster do.

1. Don’t overinflate your mat – if it’s too firm you’ll roll-off. – Dan

2. Stuff clothes in the bottom of your sleeping bag to reduce the volume of air you have to heat. – Siena

3. Always use a liner – it saves on washing the bag. A good thermal liner can turn a summer bag into a three-season bag. – Jahna

4. Fill a Nalgene bottle with hot water to warm up your bag. – Lana

5. When camping, position yourself with your head upslope or flat on the hill. – Natasha

6. Go to the toilet before getting into bed! A full bladder is more liquid for your body to keep warm and can be uncomfortable. – Jayden

7. In winter, your sleep system – mat and bag – size is important. You want to reduce empty space in your bag and ensure your mattress is long enough to keep your feet off the ground. – Ant

8. When camping, ensure good air circulation in the tent to avoid condensation dripping onto your head. – Ant

9. An eye mask and ear plugs make all the difference if you’re a light sleeper. – Julz

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