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Avoid tramping meal fatigue

Some fresh foods can last a week or more in your pack. Photo: karandaev/
Think outside the square to keep your meals interesting

Another weekend in the hills, another round of mac’n cheese… or not. Combine a little creative thinking with some time spent scouring the supermarket shelves and your tramping meals will be the envy of the hut.

Check out the international aisle

This is where you’ll find goodies such as dried mushrooms, pre-made curry pastes and coconut milk powder. Add some freeze-dried peas and par-boiled rice and you’ve got yourself a tasty Thai or Asian curry for dinner.

Add something luxurious

While you might turn your nose up at mac’n cheese, there’s no denying it’s quick to make and a good source of carbohydrates. Make it special by adding a small amount of a luxury ingredient such as a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, a tablespoon of basil pesto or a handful of chopped almonds.

Eat fresh bread

While it’s easy to pack a loaf of Vogel’s or a box of crackers, it’s not that difficult to cook fresh scones, bread or even pizza with a gas stove and a large billy. Save some time and effort by pre-mixing the dry ingredients in a snap-lock bag before leaving home.

Don’t discount fresh food

There are a number of fresh foods that will survive a week or more inside a pack. Tomatoes and capsicums last well inside an ice-cream container or lunchbox, as do beans and carrots. The extra weight and pack space are quickly forgotten when you’re adding fresh capsicum to a freeze-dried meal.

Add in another course

A stellar dessert will turn any dinner into a meal to remember. Meringue nests, chopped fruit and a can of whipped cream can be constructed into mini pavlovas, while berry compote from the breakfast section of the supermarket goes well with pikelets or pancakes. For those who prefer savoury over sweet, a selection of hard cheeses, crackers and quince paste is an ideal way to finish a day’s tramping.