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2017 sleeping mats

Therm-A-Rest Trail King SV ($299.99). Distributed by Ampro Sales Ltd.
A sleeping mat isn’t just about comfort – it provides crucial insulation from the ground and works with your bag to keep you warm

There are numerous fills – high-density open-cell foam, down, synthetic and plain air – wrapped in a waterproof nylon shell. Anti-fungal treatments will prevent fungus and bacteria from growing inside the mat – caused by moist breath. Some foam-filled sleeping mats are die-cut or horizontally cored to reduce their weight.

Fabrics and finishes
Fabrics are patterned and coated to provide a modicum of grip to prevent the user sliding off during the night. They are DWR-coated to provide water-resistance.

Many mats are self-inflating – drawing the air in as the mat regains its shape. They only require a few puffs at the end to reach the desired firmness. Synthetic and down filled mats often require a pump sack to ensure moisture from your breath doesn’t cause mould to grow inside. Air-filled models only need your lungs to inflate.

Controls the airflow in and out of the mat. Some mattresses have two valves with one used to inflate and the other to deflate. A new wide-opening valve design can inflate/deflate the mattress in seconds.

Thickness correlates directly to warmth (measured as an R-value). Advances in materials and fills have allowed manufacturers to provide ever-thicker mattresses at ever-lighter weights. It’s not uncommon to see tramping mats of more than 50mm thickness and weighing just a few hundred grams.

Shape and size
Most mats come in several sizes – short, regular (or medium) and large. They can be tapered to save weight, bulk and to make laying two mats side-by-side easier. Shorter, tapered models are perfect for summer camping. Winter models are full-length and insulated. Prices vary depending on size.

R-values measure a substance’s thermal resistance; its ability – or inability – to allow heat transfer from one surface to another. Usually between 2 and 7, R-values are an important measure for sleeping mats; the larger the number, the greater its ability to keep you warm. To be truly thermo-neutral (no reduction of core temperature) at 0° on the ground, the R-value should be at least 5.

Keeping the mat rolled up for lengthy periods will compromise its ability to self-inflate as well as compress the insulation, making it less effective. Store the mat in a cool, dry place, unrolled, with the valve open.

Now you know what to look for, it’s time to choose a model…



Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XTherm $429.99 (reg)
Four-season mattress, patented reflective barrier technology, baffling system creates over 100 internal cells which trap warm air, 30D ripstop nylon fabric top, 50D polyester fabric bottom, stuff sack doubles as pump, repair kit included. R-value 5.7 Packed size 10x23cm (reg) Dimensions 51x183cm, 6.3cm thick Weight 430g



Therm-A-Rest MondoKing 3D $399.99 (lge)
Vertical sidewalls provide enlarged sleeping area, foam core, dual valves, mates with other 3D mattresses, stuff sack with easy-carry handle. R-value 11.4 Packed size 18x66cm (lge) Dimensions 63x196cm, 10cm thick (lge) Weight 2500g.



Therm-A-Rest Neo-Air XLite $399 (reg)
Patented heat reflection technology, Triangular Core Matrix of 100 insulating cells provide stability, repair kit. R-value 3.2 Packed size 11x28cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 6.3cm thick Weight 350g (m); 340g (w).



camper-svTherm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper SV $349.99 (lge)
Basecamp mattress, SpeedValve technology, auto-reversing deflating valve, stuff sack, repair kit. R-value 2.2 Packed size 27x15cm Dimensions 63x196cm, 7.6cm thick Weight 1050g.BUY NOW

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated $339.99
Offset individually pressurised Air Sprung Cell layers, Exkin Platinum fabric reflects radiant heat, Thermolite synthetic insulation, tapered and rectangular shapes, 40D ripstop nylon face fabric, repair kit. R-value 5 Packed size 10x23cm Dimensions 55x183cm, 6.3cm thick Weight 785g.


trail-kingTherm-A-Rest Trail King SV $299.99 (reg)
Self-inflating, AirFrame construction alternates foam and air channels, SpeedValve technology, stuff sack. R-value 1.8 Packed size 20x28cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 6.3cm thick Weight 830g.BUY NOW
trekkerTherm-A-Rest NeoAir Trekker $299 (reg)
Reflective ThermaCapture radiant heat technology, Triangular Core Matrix of 100 insulating cells provide stability, repair kit, stuff sack. R-value 3.2 Packed size 23x11cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 6.3cm thick Weight 510g.BUY NOW

Exped Downmat 7 $279.90 (med)
700-fill power goose down insulation, integrated pump, inflation/deflation valves, baffle construction, 5-year warranty. R-value 5.9 Packed size 15x24cm Dimensions 52x183cm, 7cm thick Weight 845g.



Therm-A-Rest ProLite Plus $254.99 (reg)
All-season self-inflating mattress, diagonal cut foam reduces bulk, stuff sack. R-value 3.4 (m); 4.2 (w) Packed size 12x28cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 3.8cm thick Weight 640g (m/w).



Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro $249.99 (reg)
Self-inflating four-season mattress, diagonal cut foam reduces bulk, stuff sack, air bolsters around edge minimise weight. R-value 4.0 Packed size 27x17cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 5cm thick Weight 770g (m/w).



Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated $229.99 (reg)
Tapered shape, Air Sprung Cells to reduce weight and bulk, Exkin Platinum fabric reflects radiant heat, Thermolite synthetic insulation, multi-function valve for inflation/deflation. R-value 3.3 Packed size 10x23cm Dimensions 55x183cm Weight 480g.



Exped Synmat UL $219.99 (med)
Laminated microfibre insulation, anti-slip GripSkin coating, inflation/deflation valves, baffle construction, 2-year warranty. Includes Schnozzel pumpbag UL. R-value 3.3 Packed size 9.5x24cm Dimensions 52x183cm, 7cm thick Weight 450g.



Klymit Insulated Static V $199.95
Synthetic insulation, 12 breaths to inflate, V-chambers limit air movement, side rails, 75D polyester top and bottom. R-value 4.4 Packed size 12.7×22.9cm Dimensions 58.4x183cm, 6.4cm thick
Weight 709g.



Macpac Insulated Air Core $189.95 (std)
Infrared reflective technology reflects heat, Primaloft Eco insulation, Rectangular shape, vertical baffles, anodised aluminium valve, repair kit and stuff sack. R-value 3.5 Packed size 12x23cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 8.9cm thick Weight 580g.



Klymit Inertia X Frame $179.95
Claimed to be the lightest full-length mattress, inflates with four breaths, loft pockets allow sleeping bag to loft in tandem with mattress, body-mapping support in key pressure zones, 70D polyester bottom, 30D polyester top. R-value 0 Packed size 7.6×15.2cm Dimensions 45.7x183cm, 3.8cm thick Weight 258g.



Exped Synmat UL Lite $159.99
Laminated microfibre filling, anti-slip GripSkin coating, combo inflation/deflation valve, 2-year warranty.  Includes minipump UL. R-value 2.5 Packed size 10x20cm Dimensions 52x183cm, 5cm thick Weight 390g.



Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite SOL $114.99 (reg)
Compact closed-cell mattress, accordion-style shape, heat-trapping dimples, reflective ThermaCapture coating captures radiant heat. R-value 2.6 Packed size 14x51cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 2cm thick Weight 410g.



Therm-A-Rest Ridge-Rest SOLite $74.99 (reg)
Closed-cell foam mattress, ThermaCapture surface reflects radiant heat, ridges and valleys trap dead air. R-value 2.8 Packed size 20x51cm Dimensions 51x183cm, 1.5cm thick Weight 400g.