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WildernessWord, May 2016

Crossword by Pam Hutton


1. Rock formation that extends beyond cliff face (8)

6. NZ native tree with red flowers (4)

8. Agile for outdoor pursuits (6)

9. Pass, valley and river between Cromwell and Omarama (6)

10. Coarse gravel found on beaches and riverbanks (7)

12. Sort of tramp suitable for beginners (4)

13. Robinson _____ – fictional wilderness man! (6)

15. Uses rope for climbing safety (6)

17. Landslide of dirt and rock down hillside (4)

19. Small NZ plover with grey and white plumage (7)

21. _____ acid – substance produced in muscle tissue during strenuous activity (6)

22. Tramp with slow heavy tired steps (6)

23. Plant with fronds seen in bush (4)

24. Face the _____ – deal with bad weather in wilderness (8)


2. Streaks of minerals in rocks (5)

3. Destructive pests in NZ landscape (7)

4. Feeling that beauty of wilderness might inspire in you (3)

5. Coastal area in Abel Tasman National Park (6,3)

6. Series of hills or mountains (5)

7. How you feel during hot summer tramp? (7)

11. Hard dark coarse-grained sandstone (9)

14. Introduce hand-reared animals back into natural habitat (7)

16. Time available for wilderness adventures (7)

18. Spike driven into ice or rock used to gain hold (5)

20. Headlamp is handy source of this (5)

22. Secure tent guy rope (3)

Hidden solution: Wilderness gear essential (10,4)

April’s hidden solution: Great Walks

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