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WildernessWord, June 2016

Complete the crossword and re-arrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, with your name and address, by June17 to:, or WildernessWord, PO Box 251566, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140. All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Macpac Tawa Merino 280 Beanies worth $39.99.


8. North Canterbury river that flows from Southern Alps to Pacific Ocean (7)

9. _____ Central Rail Trail – for cyclists and walkers (5)

10. Repair and upgrade of DOC hut, eg (5)

11. NZ has over 100 native species of these plants with unusual flowers (7)

12. Concerted attempt to reach summit (7)

14. Wop-wops meaning wilderness, eg (5)

16. _____ bridge – way to make wilderness crossing (5)

18. Common old name for NZ weka (4,3)

20. Waikato rural town and mountain (2,5)

21. Potholing enthusiast (5)

22. Ground _____ – something to keep you dry and insulated in wilderness (5)

23. Deep navigable passage in sea (7)


1. They’ll keep you warm in wilderness! (8)

2. Piles of snow heaped up by wind (6)

3. NZ glow-worm is larva of fungus ____ (4)

4. What threatened species may eventually do (3,3)

5. Old-fashioned pedal accessories for mountain bikes (3,5)

6. Island on NZ’s west coast near Wellington that is nature reserve (6)

7. Passes between mountain peaks (4)

13. They’re OK for inside hut, but not for tramping! (3,5)

15. These occur naturally in rocks (8)

17. Photos of NZ wilderness, maybe (6)

18. Tracks dividing into two or more ways do this (6)

19. Places of safety and refuge for wildlife (6)

20. ____ shells – found in coastal mud and deeper sediments (4)

21. Sticky fine-grained earth (4)

Hidden Solution: Secluded southern spot (5,5)

May’s hidden solution: Waterproof coat

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