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Wilderness Word, January 2012


  1. Location device for wilderness adventures (7)
  2. Return to the _____ – get closer to nature (5)
  3. Travels through wilderness by horse (5)
  4. Hard layer in sand or gravel due to precipitation of salts (4,3)
  5. Unexpected wilderness situation where locator beacon might be used (9)
  6. Crampons are needed on this sort of surface (3)
  7. Fungal infection of feet that can be exacerbated by sweaty tramping boots (5)
  8. Long arduous tramps (5)
  9. Set of gear needed for outdoor activity (3)
  10. Canvas used by yachtie in bad weather (5,4)
  11. Australian wilderness insect with powerful sting (4,3)
  12. Start eating heartily after hard tramp (3,2)
  13. Having set up camp as starting point for day tramps (5)
  14. Middle of _____ – absolute wilderness! (7)


  1. Steady flow of river (7)
  2. Small biting fly common near water (5)
  3. Participants in strenuous outdoor activities might develop these muscles (3)
  4. Climb up tree quickly like monkey (6)
  5. Biological community with complex interaction between organisms and environment (9)
  6. Stretch of turbulent water caused by meeting of different flows (3,4)
  7. Convenient and practical – like Swiss Army knife in wilderness, eg (5)
  8. Field-like area with low-growing vegetation (9)
  9. Bush plants that can give you a sting (7)
  10. Golden sound of wilderness (7)
  11. List of favourite wilderness spots, maybe? (3,3)
  12. Skewered meat that can be cooked over campfire (5)
  13. Go fishing in wilderness (5)
  14. Early morning moisture (3)

Hidden Solution: NZ bush wildlife overhead (4,6)

December’s hidden solution: Waitomo Caves

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