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Tents at night

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Capture the mood of a magic mountain sunset with a glowy tent photo. 

Interesting foreground subjects can be hard to come by when camping on open tops. Lighting up a tent after sunset will bring an otherwise dark landscape to life.

Wait for the right moment

Ambient light at sunset and the output of your torch have to be in balance for a glowy tent image. The sweet spot is usually 5-10 minutes after sunset with clear skies.

Bring a tripod and a remote

After sunset, your shutter speeds will quickly extend to multiple seconds. Bring a tripod to stabilise your camera. Pressing the shutter will blur your image, so use a timer or a camera remote.

Soften your torch

Wrap your torch in a clear plastic bag, so the light is spread evenly throughout the tent.

Add people and motion

Adding people will give the photo an extra wow factor. Experiment with static and moving subjects, or ‘paint’ shapes in the air with your phone screen.

Review your settings

The volume of light at sunset is cut in half every other minute. Review your results and adjust your camera settings accordingly.

Careful with your highlights

The interior of your tent is easily overexposed. Review your images and, if required, adjust the strength of your torch. When you’re taking multi-second exposures,     even a tiny amount of light can make a huge difference.

– Dennis Radermacher is a Christchurch photographer and teaches photography at Hero Workshops