October 2016

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Wilderness Magazine’s 25th Anniversary issue


Table of Contents, October 2016

31 Wilderness Magazine turns 25
32 Middle-earth becomes us
34 Home in the hills: NZ’s unparalleled hut network
38 Community partnerships bolster the outdoor industry
39 Conservation parks in the South Island tussocklands
40 The birth of two new national parks: Kahurangi and Rakiura/Stewart Island
42 Saving wildlife: kakapo and takahe numbers on the rise
43 Land management on the South Island
44 Digging deep: cave exploration reaches new depths
46 Changes in outdoor clothing have been more than technical
47 The ever-evolving Department of Conservation
48 Mountain biking picks up speed
50 Parks are people too: Te Urewera gains unprecedented protection
51 The birth of New Zealand’s longest trail, Te Araroa
52 Eco sanctuaries offer a glimpse into predator free New Zealand
54 Sustainable Summits
Outdoor industry leaders tackle pressing issues facing wilderness protection and conservation


18 Pororari River Track, West Coast
A forested walk to a peaceful spot

20 See More
The magnificent Tawa


4 Editorial

5 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

6 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

8 Walkshorts
News from the wild

10 Wilderness word
Enter our crossword competition to win great prizes

11 An Auckland oasis
A developer has been blocked from building 750 houses next to a native bush reserve

12 The Bird Lady
Mending broken wings and minding stranded ducklings for 30 years

14 Bird spotting
The many tunes of the tui

16 Photo school
How to make hut interiors come to life

22 Off the beaten track
Māori tramping in the 21st century

28 Wild comment
Get kids interested in the outdoors from a young age, and they’ll be hooked for life

29 Wild families
An extended stay at a hut makes a great family ‘camping’ holiday, but without the tent

70 Walking weekends
Find out why Glenorchy is an ideal launching point for trips in the Southern Alps

88 Hotshot
A galactic night next to Lake Heron

The Manual

Wild trips
62 Scott Creek to Caples Valley, Greenstone and Caples Conservation Area
64 Stanfield Hut, Ruahine Forest Park
66 Kiwi Road to Mt Messenger, Mt Messenger Forest, Taranaki
65 Summit and Wooded Gully tracks, Mt Thomas Forest Conservation Area

67 Wild range
Paparoa Wilderness Area

74 Skills, food and exercise
How to care for your trusty pack
5 things to bring on every day-walk
A stretch for sore shoulders
Energy Fix: crunchy chickpeas

76 Backpack buyer’s guide
Day packs, overnight packs, alpine, and more: how to find the best fit and style for your needs