June 2020

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In the June 2020 issue


10 Ten things we missed during lockdown
Dream about your first trip back in the great outdoors

26 Step, stab, sting, repeat
A satisfying weeklong journey through Kahurangi National Park

36 The best-guided trips in New Zealand
Holiday locally with these amazing guided experiences

50 Nelson’s bypassed backyard
The Coppermine Trail is an easy way to experience a South Island alpine environment

54 Lessons in home-cooking dehydrated food
Wilderness experiments with home-dehydrated tramping meals


14 Overnighting at Syme Hut in winter
Syme Hut, Egmont National Park

16 A magnet drawing the cold and weary
Spurs Hut, Te Kahui Kaupeka Conservation Park

18 See more… forks
Visit these six places named after forks

20 Into the tundra
Old Woman Hut, Old Woman Range/Kopuwai Conservation Area

21 A return to the good old days
Cone Hut and the Lower Waiohine Track, Tararua Forest Park

22 Red Hill’s a winner
Red Hill, Korowai-Torlesse Conservation Park

24 Volcanic views on Kakepuku
Kakepuku Track, Kakepuku Mountain Historic Reserve

32 Hooning in Hunua
Mountain biking among the birdsong in the Hunua Range


58 Wild gear
Patch your waterproof trousers

59 Wild cuisine
Banana bites

60 Wild navigation
Keeping it current, five maps to transform your next tramp

62 Wild photography
A photography guide to glass


66 What’s in my pack
Ultralight Te Araroa Trail speed hiker Ieva Laucina

67 2020’s best insulated jackets

70 2020’s best headlamps


4 Editorial

5 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

6 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

8 Walkshorts
News from the wild

12 Wild people
Plein air painter Julia Sternkopf

19 Near miss
Fishing out a Frenchman

48 Wild comment
A Māori outdoorswoman explains why she won’t summit a mountain

74 Track Chat
Walking the Te Araroa with Māori tramper Michelle Campbell

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