July 2020

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In the July 2020 issue


12 How lost people can make themselves seen
Expert advice from a rescuer who helped find two trampers missing in Kahurangi National Park

18 The Kaimango Road angels
Hundreds of trampers have enjoyed warmth and hospitality on Waikato’s Kaimango Road

34 The missing mountain man
Tracing the last steps of the Reverend William Murray who disappeared on Mt Taranaki in 1923

44 Climbing out of the comfort zone
With a guide calling the shots, a longtime tramper finds his first mountain climb a scary yet satisfying experience

50 War of the wildings
How can we turn the tide in the war against exotic wilding conifers?


22 See more… silver beech forest
How to explore the mossy majesty of a silver beech forest

24 Turning up the volume
Okere Falls Loop Track, Rotorua

26 Constant beauty
Lake Constance, Nelson Lakes National Park

28 A top-of-the-world Travers
Mt Travers, Lewis Pass National Reserve

29 Across the lion’s back
Te Whara Track, Bream Head Scenic Reserve

30 Patriarch of the Kahurangi
Mt Patriarch via Chummies Track, Kahurangi National Park

32 Crossing off an icon
Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Tongariro National Park

40 For the love of gold
Riding an old gold trail on the Waiuta to Big River Track


54 Navigation
Understanding track markers

55 Wild cuisine
Not mince on toast

56 Wild skills
First aid kit essentials


59 My first tent
How one tramper made sure he chose the right tent

60 What’s in my pack
Federated Mountain Clubs president, Jan Finlayson, shows us what she packs

61 Broken in
Wilderness staff and gear reviewers test their kit for you

62 Wild review
Three overnight packs tested

Gear guides
2020’s best outdoor socks
66 2020’s best fleece jackets and tops
68 2020’s best skiing and alpine packs
70 2020’s best alpine boots


4 Editorial

6 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

8 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

10 Walkshorts
News from the wild

14 Near miss
Trying to cross a river to reach the loo was nearly this tramper’s undoing

16 Wild people
Roger Parsons is your typical septuagenarian tramper who also happens to hike long-distance trails

74 Track Chat
Richard Riddiford discusses long-standing angst between Sir Edmund Hillary and his dad in the documentary, Before Everest

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