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Pan Fried Gnocchi

Gnocchi seems to be in everyone’s too hard basket at home, let alone in the outdoors, but in truth it’s about as simple as it gets. Plus, all the ingredients are dry (and hence light) and keep almost indefinitely. Sadly, it does require a flat surface, so it’s probably not a goer for camping trips, but if you’re looking at a protracted stay in a hut, this one is worth keeping in mind.


Serves: Two

Weight: 520g

Volume: 500ml

Kilojoules: 7551

Cost:  $7.50

Time: 30min

Fuel: 200ml of white spirit or 75g of gas.*

*Based on an MSR Whisperlite or Primus Classic operating at sea level.


240g potato flakes

80g flour

100g sundried tomato pesto

50ml olive oil

50g parmesan

Salt and Pepper


Mix the potato flakes and flour together in a large container, then add water to form a thick dough. Spread a little flour out on a clean flat surface, then roll the dough into a 3cm-thick tube. Use a fork to chop this gnocchi sausage into teaspoon-size chunks. Traditionally you’d roll the dough across the back of the fork to create sauce-gripping ridges, but ridge-less gnocchi is perfectly acceptable.

Add a drizzle of olive oil into a non-stick pan and lightly fry the gnocchi dumplings until golden brown. Stir the pesto through, then garnish with finely shaved parmesan and a twist of pepper. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Fraser Hocks for suggesting this one.)