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The last days of winter

Photo: Dennis Radermacher
Take Harper Road to Lake Evelyn and then follow the Mt Olympus ski field access road. After 2km turn right again and drive up to the main gate to Lake Catherine where you park your car


Tucked away between Mt Ida and Mt Olympus on Glenthorne Station, there’s a valley of sugarloaf-shaped hills that make for an interesting view for those with a tent to pitch on the tops.

After gaining permission from the station owners, I walked past Lake Catherine and along a farm track until reaching The Redoubt and the hill marked Pt1126 was at my right. Hopping over the fence, a simple but steep climb up the tussock and scree slopes was rewarded with fantastic views across the Harper and Avoca rivers, all the way over to Mt Oakden.

Once I made camp, I watched Mt Fitzwilliam, just a few kilometres to the north, cast its shadow like the dial of a giant clock across the vast river valleys. The astonishing panorama on this calm night offered ample opportunities for photography and simply kicking back and enjoying the show.

What a treat celebrating the last night of winter and the first morning of spring in the backcountry.

Dennis Radermacher