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Father and son missing in Te Urewera

The pair were tramping in the Lake Waikaremoana/Waiau River area. Photo: DOC

A search and rescue operation is underway in Te Urewera after a father and son failed to return from a seven day tramp.

Police want anyone who has been in Te Urewera over the last week who may have seen the pair, who were tramping in the Lake Waikaremoana/Waiau area, to contact Wairoa Police on 06 838 8345.

The father, who is middle aged, and his teenage son were due to be picked up at Hopuruahine Landing at 5pm on Sunday night, but never showed.

The shuttle driver waiting to collect them stayed at the meeting point overnight before reporting the pair missing at 10:30am, Monday morning.

Police said the pair were well-equipped for the tramp, and the father was experienced.

Police, LandSAR volunteers and a helicopter were searching for the pair. They are currently focusing on the area around Te Waiotukapiti Hut.


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