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Wilderness Word, December 2019

Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the blue squares to spell out the hidden solution. Send your answer, name and address, by December 17, to: All correct entries go in the draw to win one of five Kiwi Camping Collapsible Kettles worth $39.99.

1. Cape _____ Walkway – track on prominent headland on West Coast of South Island (8)
6. ____ finger – NZ native tree of genus Pseudopanax (4)
8. Vast flat treeless Arctic wilderness region (6)
9. Climate cycle phenomenon that has periodic effect on NZ weather patterns (2,4)
10. In nimble way – how rock climber moves, eg (7)
11. Large brownish predatory seabird (4)
12. Series of hills or mountains (6)
15. This describes river blocked by barrier creating large body of water (6)
17. ____ oxide – substance sometimes used as sunscreen (4)
19. Completely give up plans for tramp, eg (7)
22. Personal locator beacon can be used to send distress _____ (6)
23. Large meteor that explodes in atmosphere (6)
24. Calm regions at centre of storms (4)
25. Mt _____ – NZ volcano that erupted most recently in 1886 (8)

2. _____ Bush Walkway – track near Long Bay in Auckland that is temporarily closed (5)
3. Night in DOC hut, maybe?! (7)
4. NZ is traditionally known for its clean green one (5)
5. Deferred tramp due to bad weather, eg (7)
6. DOC money set aside for specific projects (5)
7. Daring wilderness undertaking (7)
13. Competence and skills needed for particular wilderness activities (7)
14. Description of clear wilderness night sky (7)
16. Lahar is volcanic one (7)
18. Volcanic _____ – with tapering points (5)
20. Yellowish-brown fossil resin originating from extinct coniferous trees (5)
21. Point opposite zenith in night sky (5)

Hidden Solution: Creature you might disturb in dark spot (4,4)
November’s hidden solution: Tramping club

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