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Wilderness camping

The first rule is to find a nice view. Photo: Richard Young
Tips for capturing the experience of camping in a wild location

Find a view
Find a campsite with a great vista. Pick a place that is not only level and sheltered for a comfortable night’s sleep, but one that has some attractive foreground to include around your tent.

Setting up camp
Think of the angle at which you want to pitch your tent, to capture it with the view behind. You might also be able to position your tent with a view from the inside, then photograph using the open door to frame the view. If possible, use a brightly coloured tent to add contrast to the landscape.

Wait for the last light 
The great thing about camping in wild places is that you are in a stunning location at the right time of the day. Capture the last or first golden light on the landscape or your tent. Photography does not need to stop after the sun has gone down; a lit tent makes a great shot with the Milky Way or star trails in the sky above.

Camp life  
The tent does not have to be the only focal point in your image. If you are tramping with friends, include them in the shot too. Add a sense of camp life by including people sitting around a billy or gazing at the view just as the sun breaks the horizon.

Location: Tongariro National Park
Camera settings: Nikon D810, 24mm lens, ISO 400, f11, 1/60 second