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Sweet dreams are made of… metal?

Rab's Mythic Ultra sleeping bag is infused with titanium to reflect body heat.

Titanium-infused sleeping bags may sound like science fiction, but British outdoor company Rab is touting the new tech as the future of lightweight insulation.

Gone are the days of simply filling a bag with down – the Rab Mythic Ultra series coats its inner lining strands in titanium and weaves them into the fabric.

The world-first innovation is known as TILT – Thermo Ionic Lining Technology – and works like an insulated emergency blanket to reflect the body heat of the sleeper.

Rab claims the technology boosts warmth by around a third, while retaining breathability and next-to-skin comfort – unlike foil blankets which reflect heat, but don’t breathe.

New Zealand’s Rab distributor Neil Stichbury says it’s arguably the lightest warmth-to-weight bag in the world.

“It compacts down like nothing I have seen in 30 years in the outdoor industry,” he says.

Rab’s Mythic Ultra 180 weighs 400g and will retail for $1099.95.

“Typically, you would see a bag with this level of performance weighing in at 50 per cent more.”

The bag will be introduced in two weights in March 2020 – both tested to the new European temperature rating standard, EN1357:2016.

The Mythic Ultra 180 weighs 400g with a temperature limit of 0°C while the Ultra 360 weighs 606g with a limit of -7°C.

Both bags will use 900+FP R.D.S Certified European Goose Down with Rab fluorocarbon-free Hydrophobic Down.

The Ultra 180 will retail at $1099.95 and the 360 at $1399.95.