September 2021

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In the September 2021 Great Walks Special Issue…


18 Is tourism’s time up in our national parks?
A tourism expert believes it’s time to charge for access to national parks

30 Not quite having a Ball on a Kiwi classic
Ball Pass has long been touted as one of those once in a lifetime trips

36 The brilliance of the Great Walks
Turning your nose up at the Great Walks will mean missing out on NZ’s most diverse and beautiful landscapes

42 The Milford Track then, now and into the future
A tramper returns to the Milford 36 years after first walking it and notes the changes and those soon to come

48 The greatest of them all?
Why the Heaphy Track might be the finest walk of them all

54 Hump Ridge prepares for ‘Great’ status
What’s in store for walkers on the newest of the Great Walks

56 The freedom of camping on the Great Walks
Missed a bunk space in this year’s Great Walks booking frenzy? Pitch your tent instead

58 Make the Great Walks work for your family
Great Walks can be an ideal introduction to family tramping – if you make them work for you

62 Get fit for your Great Walk
To make the most of your adventure, get your gear and your body in good working order

63 Your Great Walks meal planner
Make sure your meals match the occasion

64 Great sights
Our favourite views on the Great Walks

68 Advice from Great Walks wardens
Don’t underestimate your walk; do your homework say the hut wardens

70 The Great Walks mapped
Maps and route descriptions for every Great Walk

Waypoints and Trips

26 See more… pīpipi
You can find the brown creeper on your Great Walks trip

28 Adorable alpine hut
Liverpool Hut, Mt Aspiring National Park

Skills and Gear

14 Wild skills
An illustrated guide to avalanche safety

22 Mistakes I’ve made in the outdoors
From nearly setting a hut on fire to not trusting his compass, this outdoorsman shares some of the finest mistakes he’s made

24 What’s in my pack
History buff and off-track tramper Greg Laslett

25 Broken in
Wilderness staff and gear reviewers test their kit for you

87 Stoves
How to choose your next stove and nine of the best models

90 Hiking shoes
A buyer’s guide to 2021’s best hiking shoes

92 Overnight packs
Packs for your next weekend mission


4 Editorial

6 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

8 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

10 Walkshorts
News from the wild

16 Wild comment
The outdoors is a place where all trampers, including those in the rainbow community, should feel welcome

74 Track Chat
Climber Peter Laurenson has released a book about his climbing adventures in the Himalaya

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