November 2016

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The perfect week in Paparoa National Park; Life lessons from the trail; Searching for the magic bullet that will make NZ predator-free by 2050; The story of three old-timer huts rescued from the fiscal axe.


Table of contents, November 2016


24 A perfect week in Paparoa National Park
From stunning coastlines to riverside strolls and windy tops, there’s plenty to do in this West Coast park

30 Life lessons from the trail
How multiday tramping helps prepare you for your everday life

34 Old skills to restore new huts
Using the methods of yesteryear to breathe new life into backcountry huts

40 Predator-free by 2050?
Taking a closer look at the viability of Predator Free New Zealand

46 Empathy for the outdoors
Are summit selfies and adventure sports helping or objectifying nature?


20 Dundas Hut
Tararua Forest Park

22 Alternate routes
Three ways to reach John Reid Hut in Kahurangi National Park


4 Editorial

6 Pigeon post
Letters to the editor

8 Last weekend
What did you get up to last weekend?

10 Walkshorts
News from the wild

12 Wilderness word
Enter our crossword competition to win great prizes

14 Waterway warrior
Sam Judd of Sustainable Coastlines is cleaning up our beaches and rivers

16 Bird spotting
The small but mighty rifleman

18 Photo school
How to capture your idyllic campsite

28 Wild comment
Walking poles: friend or foe?

29 Wild families
Do your kids need the best money can buy?

80 Hotshot
Sweeping landscapes near Roys Peak

The Manual

Wild trips
Johnston Peak, Mt Richmond Forest Park
55 Cape Brett Hut, Northland
58 Mana Island, Mana Island Scientific Reserve
59 Top Hut, Ahuriri Conservation Park
60 Wild range: Adams Wilderness Area

62 Skills, food and exercise
How to be environmentally friendly on your next tramp
Avoid an unexpected night out
Side plank for strong core muscles
Energy Fix: apricot chocolate slab

68 Tent buyer’s guide
How to find the best tent for your camping and tramping needs

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