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Climber killed on Mt Ruapehu on club trip

A climber was killed on Mt Ruapehu on September 26

The climber fatally injured on Mt Ruapehu on Saturday has been confirmed as a member of the New Zealand Alpine Club.

The 37-year-old woman was killed after an uncontrolled slip and fall at Cathedral Rocks while on a club trip.

“The group were well prepared and equipped for a great day out in the mountains, when above the Tukino ski field one member of the party sustained an uncontrolled slide,” NZAC general manager Karen Leacock said.

“The group had good communications and were able to contact SAR immediately, but unfortunately a helicopter was unable to reach the area. The injured member and the rest of the group were assisted from the mountain by the SAR team. 

“Unfortunately, the injured member was pronounced deceased at the lodge.”

Leacock said the club is grateful to the Ruapehu Alpine Rescue team, SAR, police and the general public for their help.

“The club and its members are very shaken by the event and wish to offer our love and support to all who were involved,” she said/ 

“Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased, and also those involved in the trip and the rescue.”

Local hapū Ngāti Hikairo blessed the site on Sunday morning.