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5 tips for a successful trekking holiday

To make the most of your overseas hike, build fitness and leave the tech behind. Photo: Supplied

How make the most of an overseas trekking holiday

1. Endurance training: If you’re planning an international trekking trip, especially somewhere at altitude, it’s important to improve your endurance fitness beforehand to ensure you enjoy your trip as much as possible. “The fitter you are, the more you’ll be able to take in the surroundings rather than spending your time huffing and puffing,” says Sue Badyari from World Expeditions.

2. Get your head sorted: Badyari says the trekkers who let go of their expectations and go with the flow enjoy international trekking much more than people who think things should be a certain way. “Leave your values at home, be open minded and live in the present.”

3. Leave the tech behind: If you take all your technological mod-cons with you you’re never going to get a true sense of being disconnected from your life at home. Badyari believes we all need to disconnect from our busy lives sometimes and to fully connect with nature and the people immediately around us. “It’s hard to do that if you’re tweeting from your smart phone and reading a novel on Kindle.”

4. Gear preparation: “Nothing kills the fun of a trip more than painful feet,” says Badyari. “Top quality boots and socks are crucial for keeping your feet in shape.”

5. Visas and vaccinations: Get both and don’t leave it to the last minute. Failing to organise travel visas can be costly in time and money. Vaccinations provide peace of mind and while they don’t guarantee you won’t get sick, they prevent you from suffering the worst of it.